"Certified Business Angel" (CBA)


After submitting the application documents, including a description of experience and knowledge, and the registration for the exam, the examination board of incite will review the application within 14 days.
Applicants who are admitted to CBA exam will have at least 14 days to prepare for the examination (the concrete date for the exam will be fixed with the candidate).
The examination consists of a written test (max. 60 minutes) and an oral hearing (30-50 minutes) before a board of examiners. The successful completion of the written part is a prerequisite for the admittance to the oral part.


The costs of the whole certification amount to EUR 3.010,- (+ VAT). Significant discounts for the certification as well as for the training course are offered to members, customers and partners of the Business Angel Institute's partner organizations.
After the first year, an annual identification fee of € 100 (+ 20% VAT) is due. This covers the costs of the recertification, which has to be requested after 5 years and ongoing administration.

Validity of the certification (recertification)

The certification is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, a request for recertification can extend the validity for another 5 years.
It requires only the submission of the request along with an updated proof of experience and continuing education to incite (see also certification guide for the CBA).

Specific benefits

Holders of the Certified Business Angels (CBA) have provided evidence for the possession of extensive competences and capabilities and are connected with a strong international network of equally professional investors (CBA Cercle). The benefits of the international quality signal are:

  • Better negotiating positions (quality searches for quality)
  • International symbol for quality and seriousness (transparency and evidence for competences)
  • International contacts to Business Angels due to the membership in the exclusive CBA Cercle (international exchange of experiences at the highest level)


The application has to fulfil the formal approval criteria according to the certification guidelines (see certification guide for the CBA) and has to contain the following evidences:

  • Expertise
  • Practical relevance
  • Example cases
  • Evidence for foreign language skills

The target group consists of private individuals - (former) entrepreneurs or top managers, who meet the financial and the temporal requirements to invest in projects with private equity. In many cases it is expected that business angels contribute their know how, their active participation and their access to networks.

Further information you will find in the document "proof of practical experience".

The training course for the Certified Buinsess Angel consists of 6 modules and is offered by the Business Angel Institute. For further information please see the homepage of the Business Angel Institute.

Is the course for the CBA offered by the Business Angel Institute a requirement in order to be admitted for the examination?

No. If the review of the application documents indicates that the applicant has a broad and deep knowledge as well as sufficiently proven personal experience as a business angel, he or she may be directly admitted to the examination. Modules of the course can also be booked separately to further deepen the knowledge or to provide evidence, if a candidate has insufficient competences or experience in a specific area.

What is meant by identification fee and recertification?

Every year a certification fee is due in order to identify oneself as a CBA. The costs of the recertification are covered by this fee. Additionally an updated proof of experience and continuing education after 5 years is necessary.

Is there a code of conduct for the holders of the CBA certificate?

A Certified Business Angel is expected to follow a code of conduct based on the code of ARGE proEthik (section management consulting and information technology of the Austrian chamber of commerce). Multiple reported violations are punishable by the revocation of the right to identify oneself as a CBA.

How is the examination composed of?

The examination consists of a written test (max. 60 minutes) and an oral hearing (30-50 minutes) in front of a board of examiners. The successful completion of the written part is a prerequisite for the admittance to the oral part.

How do I receive the list of the recommended literature?

After the admission to the examination and the payment of the examination fee every candidate receives the list of the recommended literature.

What is the CBA Cercle?

Alumni of the CBA are automatically member of the CBA Cercle and get access to the exclusive professional community for networking and mutual learning. Moreover events are organized and the club can be seen as a platform for the continuous cross border exchange of experience.

Is it possible to enter into contact with other alumni of the CBA?

Yes. Networking takes place within the CBA Cercle.

Who is in the examination board?

The examination board consists of a president, a tax / legal expert and an experienced angel investor.

Can the CBA be registered in the passport?

No. The CBA is a quality label, a personal certification to acknowledge experience of individuals according to ISO 17024. It is not an academic degree that can be registered in the passport.

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